Musicians, extend your careers and protect your most valuable asset, your ears! Properly fit custom in-ear monitors and musicians’ earplugs will cut down excessive stage volume and can eliminate post-performance ear ringing. Remember, temporary noise damage can lead to permanent damage and hearing loss. Ron D’Angelo, AuD, audiologist, is also a musician with stage as well as clinical experience in using these products.

Custom in-ear monitors are designed to eliminate bulky monitor speakers. They allow greater space and freedom of motion onstage, maintain a consistent and safe sound level. They eliminate lengthy sound checks regardless of venue and allow instrumentalists or vocalists to hear their own instruments without straining. In-ear monitors with generic ear-buds or foam inserts can be improved with custom-fitted silicone sleeves. Improved comfort and isolation are benefits of the custom sleeves.

custom in ear monitors

Custom high fidelity ear plugs were designed for musicians who need to maintain the sonic detail of an instrument while decreasing sound to safe levels. They provide an essentially “flat” reduction with vastly improved exposure time. Monitor sleeves and earplugs are made from ear impressions we take at the office. The plugs are silicone and have interchangeable filters in three different strengths. Each filter is appropriate for specific situations. Nine-decibel filters may work well in small acoustic ensembles. 15 dB filters provide greater protection from amplified instruments. For high-intensity situations 25 dB filters may be appropriate.

Musicians are at high risk of permanent hearing damage.
Do not allow your career to be cut short by too much of a good thing!
Now is the time to look into custom in-ear monitors or custom plugs.

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