Special Hearing Needs of our Veterans

Clear Choice Hearing and Balance recognizes that hearing related injuries are one of the top medical issues for military veterans and active duty personnel. The Department of Veterans affairs has reported that more than 2.7 million veterans have hearing loss or tinnitus. It is also reported that 52% of combat veterans have moderately severe hearing loss or worse. Many of those veterans will not receive the proper help. Often times, veterans have been in unique situations that is hard for civilians or people outside of the veteran’s administration to understand. This has led us to create our Hearing for HEROES program.

Luckily, we have staff that understands your unique needs. We are happy to employ veterans that have served, just like you. We consider each veteran’s situation, and help determine your needs. We are committed to those that have served our country, by providing the most advanced levels of hearing solutions on the market today. Whether it be clarity, understanding speech in background noise, or tinnitus; we have a solution for you.

Hearing for HEROES Discount

We are happy to offer our service members (proof of service) with a discount on any hearing device that we carry. When calling for an appointment, be sure to mention this program so that you can be paired with one of your brothers or sisters in arms. Our mission is to put you on a clear path to better hearing, improving your quality of life. We SALUTE America’s heroes who served to protect our freedom. Thank you for your service!

Connect With Us

We can be reached by calling 585-723-3440 or by emailing us through our secure contact page.