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Are hearing aids difficult to maintain?

Can earwax cause hearing loss?

Can exposure to loud noise damage my hearing?

Can hearing loss affect my mental well-being?

Can I use headphones or earbuds with my hearing aids?

Do you offer tinnitus management services?

Does Clear Choice Hearing and Balance offer pediatric hearing services?

Hearing Loss Quiz

How do I choose the right hearing aid for my needs and lifestyle?

How do I know if I need a hearing evaluation?

How do I realize I'm starting to hear less?

How many people have hearing loss?

Is it possible to prevent hearing loss?

What are some causes of hearing loss?

What are some symptoms of hearing loss?

What are the different kinds of hearing loss?

What are the signs of hearing loss? Am I a candidate for hearing instruments?

What is the process for fitting hearing aids?

What is the ringing sound in my head/ears?

What is tinnitus, and how can you treat it?

What type of batteries do you commonly use for a hearing aid?

Why do I have difficulty hearing female or children's voices when I hear male voices easily?

Why do I only have trouble hearing in crowds?

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Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Do Not Wait If These Symptoms Happen Suddenly

Health Development

Can my medicine affect my hearing?

Hearing and Brain Health

How Balance, Hearing, Ear Wax and Hearing Aids Fit Together

Is there a link between COVID/vaccines and tinnitus?

Music is good for the ears and the brain

Our brain is made of plastic?

When it’s more than loss of hearing

Why do my ears make so much wax?

Hearing Devices

An important message about “over the counter hearing aids”

Hearing aid improvements

Hearing loss. Family. Communication.

Let’s Get Real. How Expectations Influence Your Experience.

May is Better Hearing Month


Our Baby Failed a Hearing Screening. Now What?

Managing Earwax

Shingles of the ear?

What Military Veterans Have Taught Us About Hearing


A good ear and a bad ear; one-sided hearing loss

A typical day at Clear Choice

ABR – not as scary as it looks

Acoustic Neuroma

Acquired hearing loss

Adopt-a-Band program

Always see a professional

Are medications always necessary?

Article on musicians and hearing loss

Why we ask so many questions

How to use audiobooks for hearing rehab

Beware of hearing aid claims!

Can audiology be “holistic” within the medical community?

Can phase cancellation reduce or eliminate tinnitus?

Cancer treatments and hearing loss

CDC Study: 1 in 4 US Adults Who Report Good Hearing Already Have Hearing Loss

“Current” thoughts on the hearing system – inner ear to the brain

Diabetes and hearing loss

Diagnostic evaluations vs. “free testing”

Directional hearing

Diagnosing disorders of dizziness and imbalance

Do tinnitus treatments work?

Early Detection and Intervention workshop

Earplugs – which ones are right for me?

Elements of diagnosis: word testing

Epley Maneuver in the spotlight

An ethics crisis in our field

FDA Cleared Tinnitus Device

Operating Full Scope

How To Talk To Your Grandchildren About Hearing Loss

Greece Hearing Center Opens Brighton Office

Happy 2012!

Why can’t I hear in noise?

Hearing Aids Are Not One Size Fits All

Hearing and balance are related!

Hearing and the brain

Hearing Conservation for musicians/music teachers

Hearing Conservation Through Partnership With Musicians

Hearing health risk factors

Hearing loss and tinnitus: there’s an app for that!

Hearing Loss Costs Far More Than Ability to Hear

Why is Hearing Loss a Public Health Concern?

Hearing loss, stress and cardiovascular disease. Connected?

Hearing loss vs deafness

Hearing. More than your ears.

Hidden Hearing Loss

Information on tinnitus

Is it hearing or “processing”?

Made for iPhone hearing aid technology

Managing middle ear fluid

Many causes of dizziness

Your medications may be damaging your ears

More on screenings vs diagnostic evaluations

New Brighton Location

New location!

Otitis media in adults: Title: Managing “fluid in your ears”

Otoacoustic emissions testing

Pay attention to unusual ear symptoms

Positional Vertigo Workshop

Practicing “aural hygiene”

Presentation at the Village at Unity

Public presentation October 7

Pulsing in your ears.

See local professionals who are truly LOCAL

SoundCure Serenade tinnitus device

Strategies to preserve your hearing

Study Shows That Hearing Aids Improve Brain Function

Sudden hearing loss – don’t wait

The dangerous practice of ear candling

Recognizing the hearing-tinnitus connection

The importance of early diagnosis and prompt action

The noise about noise

The problem with ears…

The Truth About Earwax

There’s An App For That!

There’s more to hearing than meets the eye!


What does “laurel” vs “yanni” tell us about hearing loss?

What is positional vertigo?

What’s the deal with ear wax?

Why see an audiologist?

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Your symptoms are telling you something!

Noise Hearing Damage

A Plug for Ear Plugs

Can phase cancellation treat tinnitus?

How loud is too loud?

How to Protect Your Hearing

Different Perspectives on Ear Ringing

Sudden Hearing Issues

Dealing with Sudden Loss of Hearing

A Unique Disability

Hidden Hearing Loss

Sudden Loss of Hearing. What Should You Do?

Why are my ears plugged?

Take Charge of Your Wellness with Clear Choice Hearing and Balance

The Importance of Verification with Clear Choice Hearing and Balance

What Conditions or Behaviors Can Affect Hearing?

How Do I Know When I Need to Have My Ears Checked?

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