The labs that produce the world’s top hearing instruments have been making high quality products for decades. Like many other products, hearing aids evolve and improve over time. Patients and prospective patients with hearing loss frequently ask how modern day hearing aids compare with those of the past. We have compiled a list of modern improvements for your consideration.

Hand holding hearing aid device

  • Cosmetics – The majority of current patients can be fit with “open fit” instruments equipped with a narrow wire that enters the ear canal. The bulk of the aid hides behind the top of the ear.
  • Frequency range – Modern instruments can reach higher pitches than in previous generations. This provides a more realistic, less artificial sound.
  • Programmability – We can provide unprecedented tuning to prescriptions for individual losses.
  • Rechargeable batteries – Many modern instruments eliminate the need to handle small, slippery batteries.
  • Tinnitus therapy – Many new hearing aids are equipped with custom programmed tinnitus therapy noise. This can allow the patient to ignore the annoying sounds of ringing or buzzing in the ears.
  • Processing time – Modern computer chips (processors) in hearing aids perform faster than a couple years ago. This means the sound reaches your eardrum faster. This reduces distortion and produces a more realistic sound.
  • Connectivity/Streaming – You can now hear your smart phone or music directly through the hearing instruments via wireless streaming.
  • User controls – Using the same wireless streaming technology mentioned above, adjustments can also be made by the wearer from smart phones.
  • Multiple microphones – Using directional microphones, we can help control background noise from the sides and make it easier to hear people in front of the wearer.

Remember, we can fit losses from infancy to the elderly. All ears are unique. Our goal is to improve communication and quality of life in all our patients. We will always keep you on a clear path to good hearing and ear health.