On Friday, September 5, 2014 we visited a rehearsal of the Fairport High School Day Jazz Band, directed by Bill Tiberio. We have “adopted” this award-winning ensemble as part of the Adopt-a-Band program initiated by Etymotic Research. Students had an opportunity to learn about hearing, acoustics, the dangers of loud sounds, temporary and permanent ear damage. Strategies to conserve hearing while enjoying playing and listening to music were also discussed. This was a fun, interactive session, with questions, demonstrations, sound level measurements. The band was able to play for us and have their sound level measured. At the end of the session we provided the young student musicians with instant fit high-fidelity hearing protection plugs. Custom fit hi-fi plugs will be available to them at reduced cost.

We feel the Adopt-a-Band program is a valuable asset connecting audiology, schools, the arts and the sciences. We were impressed at the maturity and interest demonstrated by the students, and our visit was very enjoyable! It is rewarding to bring diverse aspects of the community together in unexpected ways. We look forward to following the band through the school year and in the future. We know their endeavors will bring many rewards.