The hearing healthcare spectrum has a wide variety of options, regarding providers. There are practices employing doctors of audiology and licensed hearing instrument specialists with experience, compassion, training and autonomy. This allows them to deliver the most appropriate services and/or products without pressures or influence that may not serve best interests of the PATIENT. There are also, unfortunately, hearing centers operating under a “retail model”. These feature limited options and recognition based on sales and revenue data and not excellence of work.

To regard a person who walks through our doors as a “customer” is doing him or her a disservice. We have patients and clients, depending on needs, and we take very seriously the responsibilty that goes with this relationship. We are caring for your hearing needs from a physiological, educational and psychological perspective, and we are solving problems. We are improving quality of life by taking the time to listen. We are also communicating our findings and recommendations with patients’ physicians. This is not the level of attention and care a “customer” can receive when it comes to hearing healthcare.

Always be wary of hearing centers focusing on “lowest prices”, high pressure sales of products, or who occupy space in businesses whose primary focus is sales of products or services not related to the ears or hearing. A hearing instrument with the latest technology is useless without proper handling and programming. Also, counseling of patients is hugely important for successful outcomes. Professionals who work in the hearing health care field should pride themselves on effective care of patients’ ears. A heavy focus only on revenue and sales numbers suggests values that may be at odds with the best interests of patients or clients. Choose wisely. As always, we wish to keep you on a Clear Path to good hearing and ear health.