For more than two million Americans, the constant ring or buzz of tinnitus is a significant, debilitating problem.  Many approaches, procedures, drugs, surgeries and therapies have been attempted. Success rates have varied.  Our approach at Clear Choice Hearing and Balance has long been based in the neurophysiological model of tinnitus, originally formulated by Pavel Jastreboff.  Tinnitus Retraining Therapy and other habituation therapies have provided significant relief for tinnitus patients. This is often in conjunction with amplfication for patients with hearing loss.

A major innovation has arrived which is allowing us to take our treatment principles to the next level, even for patients with excellent hearing.  Watch this space for continuing announcements regarding a brand new FDA cleared device that will enable us to customize a patient’s treatment like never before. The innovation is based on university research and has cleared the hurdles necessary to allow patients to now utilize the technology at home.

When we really LISTEN to patients who complain of tinnitus, what many appear to be most distressed about is a loss of control over the noise.  With this new innovation tinnitus device patients will have unprecedented control. A variety of adjustments can be made by the wearer at any time. This will allow more control than previous technology could afford.

Tinnitus is not a disease, therefore, the word “cure” is not appropriate.  It is a generally a symptom of damage somewhere in the auditory system and nerve network.  We cannot repair the damaged structures with medication, supplemements or surgery. It has been shown that we can modulate the way the nervous system handles sound signals, whether from the outside enviroment or the nervous system itself. Specialized sound signals can make this happen in the auditory system.

Feel free to call for more detailed information or make an appointment for an evaluation and consultation.  Don’t wait, regain control!