Professionals in every field are limited by their training, experience, education or professional license. The scope of practice for lawyers, for example, is vast. However, it is unlikely the same attorney will aid in estate planning and also prosecute criminal cases. A radiologist with a medical degree cannot perform heart surgery or prescribe dermatology medications without the proper certification. We live in an age of specialization.

This is true in hearing health care, as well. There is a well-defined clinical scope defining our field. This includes diagnosis and treatment of disorders of hearing, tinnitus, balance/vertigo, hearing aid dispensing, ear wax removal (some states) and hearing conservation. Audiologists may choose to work with adults, children, infants or various ages.

Clear Choice Hearing and Balance has made an effort to create an audiology/hearing aid dispensing practice that is as full-scope as possible. We offer a medical model of service delivery, however, with the patient’s input being the center of our focus. With a diagnostic battery that includes evoked potentials, otoacoustic emissions, high-resolution camera otoscopy, multi-frequency tympanometry, acoustic reflexes, play audiometry, visual referencing audiometry, behavioral observation audiometry, conventional audiometry, auditory processing evaluation, videonystagmography, evoked potential testing, balance testing and tinnitus assessment, there is very little we cannot do to aid in the diagnosis of disorders of hearing and balance. Our patients range in age from infants to centenarians.

As far as treatment is concerned, we are able to fit instruments of virtually any brand of hearing instrument for any type and degree of loss. Many have tinnitus therapy programs available. We have a background in tinnitus therapy, hearing conservation and vestibular/balance therapy, as well. Additionally, there is a network of medical professionals we often refer patients to, depending on the diagnosis.

If you are seeking help for problems of hearing, tinnitus and balance/vertigo, choose your professionals wisely. As always, we wish to keep you on a clear path to good hearing and ear health.