On Wednesday March 11 we presented an in-service on benign positional vertigo to the volunteer staff at St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center in the South Wedge section of Rochester. Over a dozen physicians, nurses, interns and staff attended this interactive vertigo workshop. We explained the purpose of the inner ear balance center, the basic function of the organs of balance, the nature of positional vertigo (also known as BPPV) and treatment strategies.

We were very pleased with the response to this presentation, as the attendees were engaged and interactive. Many questions were asked, and one physician was additionally able to provide a patient perspective, as he has experienced several bouts of vertigo and formerly saw patients in emergency care. We also provided insight into our in-office VNG test battery. The principles of history taking and compounding or alternative conditions were reviewed, as was good follow-up care.

Dizziness is among the most common complaints to primary care providers, behind headache and back pain. Positional vertigo is among the most common ear related causes of dizziness. It can be treated safely and effectively without medications or surgery, given a correct diagnosis. Our in-office test battery can rule out many other common causes of imbalance or dizziness.

We are thankful for St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center, a tremendous resource and asset to the South Wedge area and the region’s uninsured or underinsured. The comprehensive health and social services they provide are funded exclusively by charitable donations, and the majority of practitioners provide services on a volunteer basis. See http://www.sjncenter.org/ for more information. As always, we wish to help keep you on a clear path to good hearing and ear health.