On Wednesday, June 3, we visited The Village at Unity, an excellent senior living facility in Greece. Over thirty residents joined us for our presentation “Balance, your ears and hearing”. Balance problems and dizziness are very common complaints to physicians among seniors. Our focus was educating the residents about the ears as our primary organ of balance, as well as problems that affect balance and produce vertigo or other types of dizziness.

We had a great time interacting with the residents, answering questions and providing information about problems that can affect a person’s wellbeing, safety and risk of falls. One area of discussion that surprised many was the relationship of good hearing to balance and safety. We use our hearing to help stay balanced. Improving hearing can improve our sense of balance in our environment by providing cues about objects or people around us. Hearing can decrease our fall risk!

Another topic of interest was our comprehensive vestibular evaluation, designed to confirm or rule out ear-related causes of dizziness or imbalance. Positional vertigo is another very common (and very treatable) disorder many suffer with needlessly. Along the way we touched on the topics of hearing loss, hearing aids and tinnitus.

We look forward to another opportunity to interact with the residents regarding other topic relating to the ears and hearing. We enjoyed it thoroughly. As always, we hope to help keep you on a Clear Path to good hearing and ear health!