It is well known that loud sounds damage hearing. Many adults are at risk. Ear infections resulting in tubes are common in young children through adulthood. What do these facts have in common? Both result in ears that need protection, from loud noises or from water in the ears. There are now several styles of ear plugs designed to protect the ears from potential threats. Many can now be custom made.

Connected ear plugs

For those whose jobs or hobbies put them in danger of noise damage, there are plugs to lessen the impact of sound. In cases of extremely sound sounds, such as firearms or industrial noise, a solid plug can work well. Many musicians who need good fidelity and protection have chosen custom musicians’ plugs with special filters. The filters reduce the sound by a specified amount while maintaining the clarity of the music. The benefits of custom-made plugs include a snug fit, a good seal and consistent performance.

For adults or children who need to protect their ear drums from water or other substances, there are solid plugs that seal the ear and cut down sound. Many will float on water for use in swimming pools or bathtubs.

When fitting plugs, the ears are first inspected to ensure there are no blockages in the canals. Cotton or foam is inserted into the canal to protect the ear drum. An impression is then taken with a silicone material that quickly hardens. The impressions are then sent to a lab for the custom plugs. Modern plugs are available in fun colors, in order to make your own plugs unique. Swirled colors are even available.

Ear plugs are an excellent tool to protect your ears. You can have many sets of plugs, but you only get one pair of ears! Use them wisely. As always, we wish to keep you on a clear path to good hearing and ear health.