At Clear Choice Hearing and Balance, we make it our mission to provide each of our patients with all the expertise, treatment, and education needed to guard their ear health at every age, starting from birth. We’re proud to provide care for a wide range of individuals and families with cutting-edge technology combined with the skills of our warm and caring staff of experts to help you receive the best experience possible. Our services include:


Do you have tinnitus or hearing loss? With so many choices available today, finding the right design and proper fit for a hearing aid can seem daunting. We’re here to help! The good news is that if you do need a hearing aid, we have access to the top-of-the-line technology (some are nearly invisible!) to enable you to truly enjoy life again.


The “phantom noise” or ear ringing that comes with tinnitus may seem like something you just have to live with, but that’s not the case. With different causes and treatments to consider, we can help determine the most appropriate and effective option(s) for you.


Sometimes the saying “little ears hear everything” doesn’t always ring true. We’re equipped to provide ear care for kids and those with special needs of any age and provide kid-friendly hearing tests.


Did you know that your ear health can directly affect your balance and feelings of dizziness?  We can diagnose the root cause of those issues and develop a plan to treat them in the most effective way possible.


While you’re probably aware that kids often get ear infections (on average 75% of children get at least one before age three), they can affect adults as well. If you suspect that you or your child may have symptoms consistent with middle ear fluid / a middle ear infection, schedule an appointment so we can do an assessment.


Hearing problems can be caused by a variety of things, not just age. Just a few of the possibilities include wax build-up, hereditary conditions, certain medications, exposure to loud or constant noise, injury, and illness, just to name a few. Having an expert evaluate your symptoms and physiology is essential to determining what will help in your particular case.

No matter what your challenge may be, the best first step is to schedule a diagnostic hearing evaluation with our doctors of audiology.  You can call our Greece location at 585-723-3440, our Brighton location at 585-342-4327, send us an email, or use our online booking form here.

Don’t wait any longer to feel better; book an appointment today, and together we’ll start your path toward auditory wellness!