An ethics crisis in our field

Published April 10, 2015

In the world of hearing healthcare, as in all professions, there are standards we all must maintain. Practices that are licensed to dispense hearing instruments have strict laws and codes of ethics designed to ensure patients are dealt with in a professional and fair manner. These guidelines involve...

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Positional Vertigo Workshop

Published March 16, 2015

On Wednesday March 11 we presented an in-service on benign positional vertigo to the volunteer staff at St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center in the South Wedge section of Rochester. Over a dozen physicians, nurses, interns and staff attended this interactive vertigo workshop. We explained the purpose of...

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Earplugs – which ones are right for me?

Published February 12, 2015

There has been increased awareness of noise damage to hearing lately. People are increasingly cognizant of the punishment loud noises or music can inflict on our ears. Temporary damage can become permanent damage over time. OSHA has established guidelines about workplace noise “dosages”, and shooter...

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Why can’t I hear in noise?

Published January 30, 2015

Very often patients will ask us why they cannot hear well in noisy places, such as restaurants. Some of these people have normal or near-normal hearing. The situation is puzzling to them, since they don’t present with significant decrease in hearing, yet they are noticing a breakdown when in challen...

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Win A Free Box of Batteries!”LIKE” AND “SHARE” this on FACEBOOK

Published January 13, 2015

FREE BOX of BATTERIES contest!!! We want to thank you for being a patient at Clear Choice Hearing & Balance or one of our Facebook fans!!! To be ENTERED into the CONTEST you must LIKE “AND” SHARE this FACEBOOK post. The DEADLINE for ENTRIES is JANUARY 31, 2015! The box will be whatever siz...

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Can audiology be “holistic” within the medical community?

Published January 6, 2015

We have long been proud to present a collaborative approach to the care of patients’ ears and hearing. With every patient we seek answers and direction from not only the patient’s symptoms and history, but also from our diagnostic testing. This may push us to ask about other systems in the body. It...

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Your symptoms are telling you something!

Published December 22, 2014

Frequently we will see patients with disruptive ear symptoms. These may be sudden hearing loss, plugged ear sensations, sudden-onset tinnitus, veering while walking or spinning dizziness sensations. Some of these people will wait weeks or even months to be examined. This may be due to either lack of...

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Why we ask so many questions

Published November 14, 2014

You probably would not find it unusual for your primary physician to ask many questions regarding your health. We all know PCPs need to take a thorough history in order to fully diagnose and treat a problem or refer to an appropriate specialist. As audiology and hearing professionals, we often ask q...

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Adopt-a-Band program

Published October 20, 2014

On Friday, September 5, 2014 we visited a rehearsal of the Fairport High School Day Jazz Band, directed by Bill Tiberio. We have “adopted” this award-winning ensemble as part of the Adopt-a-Band program initiated by Etymotic Research. Students had an opportunity to learn about hearing, acoustics, th...

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A good ear and a bad ear; one-sided hearing loss

Published July 23, 2014

The vast majority of patients seen for hearing loss present with roughly the same hearing in each ear. Symmetric hearing is expected in typical cases related to aging, noise exposure, toxicity, heredity and many disease processes. Noise exposure may affect one ear to a greater extent if a constant s...

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